About Us

Now in its second generation of family ownership, Unker’s remains a family business, committed to its founding values of highest quality, trust, integrity, family well-being and service to God.  "To God Be the Glory" is a core belief at Unker's and among its employees, and is the company motto. We proudly display this phrase on each product, package and of literature that leaves our facilities.

However, what makes Unker’s truly unique is the fact we handcraft all of our products right here in the U.S.A, using all natural botanical oils purchased from American suppliers. From mixing the salve recipe, to filling bottles and jars, to boxing up the product, it's all done by a team of dedicated ladies in our Upton, Wyoming facility. Customers all over the world trust Unker's as a safe alternative to chemically-enhanced products on the market.

Our products aid the body's natural healing process, ease the pain from a variety of aches, pains, sore muscles and joints, and other day-to-day ailments. Plus, Unker's products are safe  for adults, children and animals. Why buy a number of products that each only treat one symptom, when one product, Unker’s, will treat so many, so effectively?

Unker’s is truly “Your Medicine Cabinet In a Jar" but we could just as easily have called it Your Medicine Cabinet in a backpack, a glove compartment, a purse, a gym bag, boat, camper or first aid kit. We encourage you to carry your Unker's with you wherever you go.

You may not realize it, but when you are holding any Unker’s product, you are holding a piece of American history in your hands.

God Bless!

Patricia Pendleton
CEO, Olde Tyme Remedies, LLC
Unker’s Therapeutic Products