Unker's For Winter Colds and Congestion

cold congestion winter

Cold and flu season is on the way!  Here's a tip for for fighting those nasty winter colds, coughs and congestion.  Before going to bed, coat the soles of your feet with Unker's Therapuetic Salve. That's right, the soles of your feet.  Then put on some warm, heavy socks and go to sleep.  When you wake up, you'll be feeling a lot better. Reports from users claim that this method stops colds overnight, sometimes with an hour!   You know about the fast-acting healing and pain relief of Unker's.  For throat congestion try applying a little Unker's on your chest, throat and back (rub it in real good) and cover yourself with a blanket or warm cloth while you sleep or relax. For sinus relief rub a little Unker's behind your ears and around your nose/cheeks. really! You can also put a teaspoon of Unker's in a vaporizer while you sleep. Let the vapors soothe and heal while you rest. 

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