• Whether you’re sending a single child off to camp or perhaps taking the whole family on a big outdoor adventure, making sure to pack all the essentials could mean the difference between having an OK time and having a GREAT time. Besides the appropriate gear for the occasion, such essentials incl... View Post
  • Protecting Lips During Winter

    Have you seen this copy in your local paper recently?  "An arctic blast arrived during the weekend with the first freeze of the season for many, and record low temperatures felt by many as well." We can't stop the snow and freezing temperatures but we do have a remedy for cold dry skin and chap... View Post
  • Unker's For Winter Colds and Congestion

    Cold and flu season is on the way!  Here's a tip for for fighting those nasty winter colds, coughs and congestion.  Before going to bed, coat the soles of your feet with Unker's Therapuetic Salve. That's right, the soles of your feet.  Then put on some warm, heavy socks and go to sleep.  When you... View Post